Precision Spinning Tops

Spinny-Doo is a precision rendition of the world's oldest toy, the spinning top. Spinning Tops are mesmerizing, fun, and educational. Not just enjoyed by kids, adults too find spinning tops to be a great ornamental desk toy, a stress-relief outlet, and enjoy spinning them while on the phone, thinking, or relaxing.

Spinny-Doo Precision Spinning Tops are designed for the spinning top connoisseur who demands high performance and long spin time, but they are also elegant with smooth proportional curves, and give a very satisfactory sense of high quality.

Precision Means Performance

Being a precision made product, the Spinny-Doo Precision Spinning Top production proceses is strictly controlled to ensure every Spinny-Doo meets our high standards. You can expect your Spinny-Doo Precision spinning top to give you long spin times easily up to seven minutes, and with a practiced spin, spin times can be well over seven minutes. The current world record for a Spinny-Doo spinning top is 9 minutes 55 seconds!

We claim Spinny-Doo Precision Spinning Tops will Spin Around the Seven Minute Mark. Our packaging says up to seven minutes, but evidence shows over seven minutes. As you can see from customer contributed videos, our performance is proven. Our tops aren't designed to merely look good, they are designed to perform exceptionally well. Who wants a top that just looks good? Why not get one that looks good and actually spins well! You can have both with Spinny-Doo Precision Spinning Tops.

Quality Precision Spinning Tops

We take pride and care to ensure every precision spinning top meets our strict quality standards. Each precision spinning top you receive is evaluated for both performance and asthetic qualities. We would rather scrap a spinning top than sell an inferior product.

Spinny-Doo Precision Spinning Tops are World-Famous

We have been providing Spinny-Doo brand precision spinning tops to customers all over the world for nearly six years and have a substantial following of extremely happy customers. We frequently get emails from our customers telling us just how much they love their new spinning tops, and and very often get new customers who heard about us by word of mouth.

Spinny-Doo Precision Spinning Tops For Your Desk - Executive Desk Toys

Spinny-Doo is visually very elegant and proportionally designed - an excellent ornamental addition to your elegant pen, lamp, and ornamental picture frame. Our customers tell us how the Spinny-Doo on their desk never sits still. People are always coming by to give it a spin and see how long it goes.

Spinny-Doo Precision Spinning Tops For Fidgeting

While not strictly a fidget toy, Spinny-Doo Precision Spinning Tops are for fidgeters. There's nothing more satisfying than spinning a Spinny-Doo while on the phone, thinking, or relaxing. Your colleagues will start showing up at your desk more often just to get a chance to play with your precision spinning top. Don't be surprised if you don't get your Spinny-Doo back again!

Spinny-Doo Precision Spinning Tops Are Toys For All Ages

Yes, Spinny-Doo Precision Spinning Tops are Toys. But that doesn't mean it must be for kids! We find that men between the ages of 18 ~ 55 find Spinny-Doo Precision Spinning Tops incredible to watch and play with because they appreciate the underlying physics of spinning tops and know that beyond the simple exterior lies complex mathematics that explain how the gyroscopic effect of spinning tops defies gravity and stabilizes them during their spins. Kids learn the principles of gyroscopic motion and precession all the while having fun seeing who can spin theirs the longest.

Spinny-Doo Spinning Tops Are Made in Canada

Spinny-Doo Spinning Tops are Proudly and Exclusively Made in Canada. Spinny-Doo is a small private family owned business run by one man, yet "we" still speak in the general plural corporate entity sense because it sounds better for marketing ;-) Here, "we" design, manaufacture, package, ship, market, draw, and dream about Spinny-Doo Precision Spinning Tops. We do all this right here in Canada, and we're very proud to say our products are "Made in Canada"

Spinny-Doo Spinning Tops Make Perfect Gifts for Men. Gifts for Him

Buy a Spinny-Doo Precision Spinning Top Online Today and give the gift of spinny-doo precision spinning tops to a friend, loved one, colleague, or give them out as prizes or tokens of appreciation from an employer to an employee. They also can be marked with a corporate logo or slogan and given out as a marketing tool or marketing gift. Spinny-Doo precision spinning tops are high-quality, elegant products that make gift-giving so easy.

Spinny-Doo Spinning Tops are Great Christmas Gifts Ideas

Christmas is just around the corner! Buy a Spinny-Doo Precision Spinning Top Online Today as a Christmas Gift (even a belated Christmas Gift)

Spinny-Doo - A Brandable Marketing Tool

Continental Tire Banner

Let Spinny-Doo Your Marketing For You

A Spinny-Doo™ Precision Spinning Top is a fabulous marketing tool for maintaining client interest in your brand. Unlike other marketing baubles that are quickly discarded or forgotten, the highly coveted Spinny-Doo sits front and center on your customer's desk and remains the center of a attention - both for your customer and anyone who visits.

Spinny-Doo is a high-quality, precision engineered product that not only looks and feels good but is highly interactive, keeping your brand in the foreground at all times. Not only will your most valued customers appreciate and cherish this gift, but they will continually demonstrate your brand to their colleagues, family, friends, even to their own customers.

Need a tradeshow tactic to garner attention? Your branded Spinny-Doo are a sure-fire way to accomplish this; once Spinny-Doo is seen by others, they will flock to your booth to get their own. We suggest you avail of this to gain valuable client information from premium customers, make strategic introductions, and have them bring the decision makers... mold them like putty in your hands. You'll be remembered having given out Spinny-Doo.


Branding Made Simple

Spinny-Doo™ Precision Spinning Tops are available in a small selection of base colors and infinite graphic color choices using the Pantone color system. Using our templates, lay out your art within the guidelines provided, upload your graphics, and we'll do the rest. You can purchase a custom-ordered proof with your own brand and slogan. Proof costs are subtracted from your future order. Contact us for a cost schedule of common options.


High-quality, Precision Engineered

Spinny-Doo™ Precision Spinning Tops are made from 6061-T655 aircraft-grade aluminum, precision-machined, precisely balanced, furnished with an ergonomic grip with excellent traction, and tipped with hardened chrome steel to provide a low-friction, high-performance spin that lasts well over seven minutes†. Your customers and prospective clients will fascinated by the the weight, feel, and performance of Spinny-Doo™.

 With a practiced throw, Spinny-Doo will typically spin for 7 minutes, however customers have reported record throw times up to nearly 10 minutes, with the record standing at an incredible 9m:55s.


Available Base Colors

Base colors are limited to dyes available at the anodizer. Anodized colors treatments meet MIL-A-8625 TYPE II conventional aluminum anodizing specifications providing excellent value and corrosion protection characteristics.

Our current base color lineup is as follows:

Clear Anodized

Black Anodized

Blue Anodized

Red Anodized

Gold Anodized

Teal Anodized



Pantone-Matched Process Colors

Pantone Color Charts

We use a Pantone multicolor tampographic (silicone pad) printing process to put your graphics on the Spinny-Doo surface. We can match any color in the Pantone spectrum.


Ablative Marking

We believe the pad-printing process to provide superior results over laser-marking, but laser-marking is also available on anodized surfaces only. Please specify if you prefer to use this process.


Available Marking Locations

Depending on the process type and coating/color type, markings can be placed on the outer rim, and inner lowere plateau region. Below, the Spinny-Doo logo, text, website, and Made-in-Canada mark below represent where your own website, slogan, brand, and logo could be placed. The paint film from the tampographic process is thin enough that markings need not be symmetric about the axis.

Marking Layout Dimensions Guide

Using tampography (paint stamping) ot laser-marking (ablative), annular designs can be applied presently to the the upper body rim, and upper body central depressed area. At additional cost, lower body rim and lower-body depressed area can also be marked.


Step-by-Step Process

Your graphics department can fit your marketing graphics into the template above, or we can do it for you. Our process is simple:

1. Provide your Graphics and pick a base color.

Logo on Background

2. Adapt Graphics to Annular areas

3. Simulate in a digital mock-up for your initial approval.

Spinny-Doo Digital Mock-Up of Brand

4. Next, print a prototype proof for size / alignment / legibility

Proof and Layout Alignment

5. Print a final proof prior to the production run.

First Production Print


6. Upon acceptance, run the full production.

Full Production Run

 7. Box up each Spinny-Doo in its own clear acetate display package.

Packaging up Spinng-Doo

8. Pack them 100 to a shipping box, and courier them to your door.

Spinny-Doo Shipment

9. You receive, distribute to valuable customers, and watch as calls of appreciation come in!


Proudly made in Canada 

Spinny-Doo™ Precision Spinning Tops are made entirely and exclusively in Canada. By promoting your company with Spinny-Doo, you are demonstrating your corporate responsibility for keeping jobs and trade within our Canadian and U.S. borders, thereby promoting a strong North-American economy. Thank you.