Precision Spinning Tops

Spinny-Doo is a precision rendition of the world's oldest toy, the spinning top. Spinning Tops are mesmerizing, fun, and educational. Not just enjoyed by kids, adults too find spinning tops to be a great ornamental desk toy, a stress-relief outlet, and enjoy spinning them while on the phone, thinking, or relaxing.

Spinny-Doo Precision Spinning Tops are designed for the spinning top connoisseur who demands high performance and long spin time, but they are also elegant with smooth proportional curves, and give a very satisfactory sense of high quality.

Precision Means Performance

Being a precision made product, the Spinny-Doo Precision Spinning Top production proceses is strictly controlled to ensure every Spinny-Doo meets our high standards. You can expect your Spinny-Doo Precision spinning top to give you long spin times easily up to seven minutes, and with a practiced spin, spin times can be well over seven minutes. The current world record for a Spinny-Doo spinning top is 9 minutes 55 seconds!

We claim Spinny-Doo Precision Spinning Tops will Spin Around the Seven Minute Mark. Our packaging says up to seven minutes, but evidence shows over seven minutes. As you can see from customer contributed videos, our performance is proven. Our tops aren't designed to merely look good, they are designed to perform exceptionally well. Who wants a top that just looks good? Why not get one that looks good and actually spins well! You can have both with Spinny-Doo Precision Spinning Tops.

Quality Precision Spinning Tops

We take pride and care to ensure every precision spinning top meets our strict quality standards. Each precision spinning top you receive is evaluated for both performance and asthetic qualities. We would rather scrap a spinning top than sell an inferior product.

Spinny-Doo Precision Spinning Tops are World-Famous

We have been providing Spinny-Doo brand precision spinning tops to customers all over the world for nearly six years and have a substantial following of extremely happy customers. We frequently get emails from our customers telling us just how much they love their new spinning tops, and and very often get new customers who heard about us by word of mouth.

Spinny-Doo Precision Spinning Tops For Your Desk - Executive Desk Toys

Spinny-Doo is visually very elegant and proportionally designed - an excellent ornamental addition to your elegant pen, lamp, and ornamental picture frame. Our customers tell us how the Spinny-Doo on their desk never sits still. People are always coming by to give it a spin and see how long it goes.

Spinny-Doo Precision Spinning Tops For Fidgeting

While not strictly a fidget toy, Spinny-Doo Precision Spinning Tops are for fidgeters. There's nothing more satisfying than spinning a Spinny-Doo while on the phone, thinking, or relaxing. Your colleagues will start showing up at your desk more often just to get a chance to play with your precision spinning top. Don't be surprised if you don't get your Spinny-Doo back again!

Spinny-Doo Precision Spinning Tops Are Toys For All Ages

Yes, Spinny-Doo Precision Spinning Tops are Toys. But that doesn't mean it must be for kids! We find that men between the ages of 18 ~ 55 find Spinny-Doo Precision Spinning Tops incredible to watch and play with because they appreciate the underlying physics of spinning tops and know that beyond the simple exterior lies complex mathematics that explain how the gyroscopic effect of spinning tops defies gravity and stabilizes them during their spins. Kids learn the principles of gyroscopic motion and precession all the while having fun seeing who can spin theirs the longest.

Spinny-Doo Spinning Tops Are Made in Canada

Spinny-Doo Spinning Tops are Proudly and Exclusively Made in Canada. Spinny-Doo is a small private family owned business run by one man, yet "we" still speak in the general plural corporate entity sense because it sounds better for marketing ;-) Here, "we" design, manaufacture, package, ship, market, draw, and dream about Spinny-Doo Precision Spinning Tops. We do all this right here in Canada, and we're very proud to say our products are "Made in Canada"

Spinny-Doo Spinning Tops Make Perfect Gifts for Men. Gifts for Him

Buy a Spinny-Doo Precision Spinning Top Online Today and give the gift of spinny-doo precision spinning tops to a friend, loved one, colleague, or give them out as prizes or tokens of appreciation from an employer to an employee. They also can be marked with a corporate logo or slogan and given out as a marketing tool or marketing gift. Spinny-Doo precision spinning tops are high-quality, elegant products that make gift-giving so easy.

Spinny-Doo Spinning Tops are Great Christmas Gifts Ideas

Christmas is just around the corner! Buy a Spinny-Doo Precision Spinning Top Online Today as a Christmas Gift (even a belated Christmas Gift)


Note: If you would like to suggest other Questions and Answers, please feel free to contact us and provide suggestions.

Q: Who makes the Spinny-Doo® Precision Spinning Top?

A: Spinny-Doo is proudly and exclusively manufactured in Canada by Walker Tech Manufacturing.

Q: How long do Spinny-Doo® precision spinning tops spin for?

A: The packaging says "Up to 7 minutes", but our longest throw lasted 7 minutes, 21 seconds on a glass table, and this has been repeatedly surpassed by customers who regularly claim times upwards of eight minutes. The longest throw so far recorded goes well beyond this as shown under "Who holds the world's record for the longest Spinny-Doo throw?", below.

Q: Who holds the world's record for the longest Spinny-Doo throw?

A: The longest throw ever recorded is by Kevin O'Connor, who posted an incredible nine minutes, fifty-five seconds (9m 55s) which can be seen on our Spinny-Doo on the Internet page. His incredible throw is going to be tough to beat!

Q: What is the best surface for Spinny-Doo®?

A: The best surface is a glass table top, but Spinny-Doo® will also work nearly as well on other hard surfaces. The smoother and harder the surface, the longer the throw. We are researching a suitable surface for a "spinning station" that we hope to add to our catalog shortly. 

Q: How big is a Spinny-Doo®?

A: A Spinny-Doo® is larger than most other finger tops, measuring roughly 50mm or a small fraction under 2" in diameter and in height. The photo below of a Spinny-Doo sitting atop the dollar bill should give some perspective:

Spinny-Doo Sitting Atop US Dollar Bill 

Q: Where can I find others who are interested in spinning tops?

A: Many forums exist with interests in spinning tops, but the one we think you'll like the most is "Pocket Top Talk" on Facebook. See the link in the upper-right corner of the website.

Q: What are the Parts of a Spinning Top?

A: We've created an anatomy of a spinning top for your reference here:


Q: When will Spinny-Doo tops be made in Brass, Bronze, Copper, Steel, Titanium, Tungsten, Gold, and Uranium?

A: We are working on many new features including new materials, coating processes, more anodized colors, laser-marking, and pad printing. Making Spinny-Doo precision spinning tops from other metals is a top priority (no pun intended.) Note: We will likely try Brass, Bronze, and Copper first. Steel and Titanium are under consideration. Other exotic metals are unlikely.

Q: Can you change the design to make the top smaller, bigger, shorter, taller, etc?

A: We are particularly fond of our design and are not presently considering changing it. We are experimenting with different material densities rather than changing the dimensions of the body. Other variations we are considering include different surface treatments, colors, and printed designs.

Q: When will Spinny-Doo® tops be available in Lemon Yellow, Emerald Green, Tangy Orange, and other yummy flavors of the rainbow?

A: At present we have a limited lineup of colors including Matte Finish, Crimson Red, Royal Blue, Midnight Black, and Gold. We will introduce more colors as time goes on, dictated by demands by customers, but also as we work out custom dye processing details with our anodizing suppliers. We are always glad to hear the demands of our customers for specific features, so please let us know what color you're after, and who knows - perhaps we will capture it in our next batch!

Q: When will Spinny-Doo® tops be available with the Spinny-Doo logo?

A: We are exploring different methods of applying markings to our Spinny-Doo® tops. Laser marking is still in the plans, but the power requirements of the laser are more than our shop can handle at the moment so we are working with a local laser and tampography marking supplier to do etching and multi-color printing.

Q: What material is Spinny-Doo® made from?

A: The Spinny-Doo® Precision Spinning Top is made from 6061-T6511 Aluminum - while more difficult to machine because of 6061's stringy nature, we deliberately avoid free-machining aluminum to prevent the inclusion of lead in our products. Our supplier material test reports show all trace elements to be under 0.05% (500ppm.) To put this into perspective, Industry Canada provides two regulations placing upper limits on lead content in children's products including 600mg/kg (600ppm) for children's jewelry where the underlying material could be exposed, and the "Consumer Products Containing Lead (Contact with Mouth)" regulations which mandate products coming in direct contact with the mouth (e.g. children's crayons, drinking straws, toy harmonicas) contain less than 90ppm (0.009%) lead to be considered safe. Conversely, free-machining metals typically contain 0.2% ~ 4% lead (2,000 ~ 40,000 ppm.) Put simply, we will not make Spinny-Doo® from high-lead concentration metals.

Q: Why do you list the Spinny-Doo® at a higher price on than on your own website?

A: Unfortunately, eBay and PayPal charge final value fees on the product and on the shipping amounting to $4.47. To offset this cost slightly, we sell it on eBay for roughly $3.00 more. You are encouraged to buy directly through, which is why we state in the listing, "For further details, please visit our website." We hope you were able to easily discover the website name ( and come here to purchase directly from us.

Q: Where is my/Can I get a tracking number for my shipment?

A: Spinny-Doo is shipped using Canada Post's Small Air USA/International Packet Service which does not offer tracking. Unfortunately, Canada Post's tracking services nearly double the cost of shipping, making competitive pricing difficult. While we would love to offer you this service, it isn't economical. Fortunately, Canada Post's delivery service has an exceptionally high success rate. We ship hundreds of Spinny-Doo® without incident.

Q: You're a Canadian company - why are your prices in US dollars?

A: Simple. We sell more tops to the United States than all other places in the world, combined. The US Dollar is therefore the standard by which Spinny-Doo® is priced.

Q: I haven't received my package yet - what should I do?

A: We sell thousands of Spinny-Doos using Canada Post's Small Air Packet service to every major country with an extremely high success rate (greater than 99.9%). It is therefore highly unlikely that you will not receive your package. It may be on route - have you waited the full 11 business days? It may be delayed; some countries are slower to deliver, or it gets bogged down through customs (locations such as Mexico, Germany, and Russia are notoriously slow (several weeks extra) to finally receive packages. Did you account for statutory holidays for Canada and/or your own country? Was your postal service unable to deliver because you weren't home? Was it accidentally delivered to your neighbor? Is it being held by your local post office? We are naturally concerned if you don't receive your package, but we would like you to exhaust all other possibilities first. Of the very few customer's shipments that were delayed, we stayed in communication throughout and happily learned they received their Spinny-Doos only a week or two after the expected arrival. Usually, we ask that you give it just a little while longer. And, no matter what happens, we will take care of you.