Precision Spinning Tops

Spinny-Doo is a precision rendition of the world's oldest toy, the spinning top. Spinning Tops are mesmerizing, fun, and educational. Not just enjoyed by kids, adults too find spinning tops to be a great ornamental desk toy, a stress-relief outlet, and enjoy spinning them while on the phone, thinking, or relaxing.

Spinny-Doo Precision Spinning Tops are designed for the spinning top connoisseur who demands high performance and long spin time, but they are also elegant with smooth proportional curves, and give a very satisfactory sense of high quality.

Precision Means Performance

Being a precision made product, the Spinny-Doo Precision Spinning Top production proceses is strictly controlled to ensure every Spinny-Doo meets our high standards. You can expect your Spinny-Doo Precision spinning top to give you long spin times easily up to seven minutes, and with a practiced spin, spin times can be well over seven minutes. The current world record for a Spinny-Doo spinning top is 9 minutes 55 seconds!

We claim Spinny-Doo Precision Spinning Tops will Spin Around the Seven Minute Mark. Our packaging says up to seven minutes, but evidence shows over seven minutes. As you can see from customer contributed videos, our performance is proven. Our tops aren't designed to merely look good, they are designed to perform exceptionally well. Who wants a top that just looks good? Why not get one that looks good and actually spins well! You can have both with Spinny-Doo Precision Spinning Tops.

Quality Precision Spinning Tops

We take pride and care to ensure every precision spinning top meets our strict quality standards. Each precision spinning top you receive is evaluated for both performance and asthetic qualities. We would rather scrap a spinning top than sell an inferior product.

Spinny-Doo Precision Spinning Tops are World-Famous

We have been providing Spinny-Doo brand precision spinning tops to customers all over the world for nearly six years and have a substantial following of extremely happy customers. We frequently get emails from our customers telling us just how much they love their new spinning tops, and and very often get new customers who heard about us by word of mouth.

Spinny-Doo Precision Spinning Tops For Your Desk - Executive Desk Toys

Spinny-Doo is visually very elegant and proportionally designed - an excellent ornamental addition to your elegant pen, lamp, and ornamental picture frame. Our customers tell us how the Spinny-Doo on their desk never sits still. People are always coming by to give it a spin and see how long it goes.

Spinny-Doo Precision Spinning Tops For Fidgeting

While not strictly a fidget toy, Spinny-Doo Precision Spinning Tops are for fidgeters. There's nothing more satisfying than spinning a Spinny-Doo while on the phone, thinking, or relaxing. Your colleagues will start showing up at your desk more often just to get a chance to play with your precision spinning top. Don't be surprised if you don't get your Spinny-Doo back again!

Spinny-Doo Precision Spinning Tops Are Toys For All Ages

Yes, Spinny-Doo Precision Spinning Tops are Toys. But that doesn't mean it must be for kids! We find that men between the ages of 18 ~ 55 find Spinny-Doo Precision Spinning Tops incredible to watch and play with because they appreciate the underlying physics of spinning tops and know that beyond the simple exterior lies complex mathematics that explain how the gyroscopic effect of spinning tops defies gravity and stabilizes them during their spins. Kids learn the principles of gyroscopic motion and precession all the while having fun seeing who can spin theirs the longest.

Spinny-Doo Spinning Tops Are Made in Canada

Spinny-Doo Spinning Tops are Proudly and Exclusively Made in Canada. Spinny-Doo is a small private family owned business run by one man, yet "we" still speak in the general plural corporate entity sense because it sounds better for marketing ;-) Here, "we" design, manaufacture, package, ship, market, draw, and dream about Spinny-Doo Precision Spinning Tops. We do all this right here in Canada, and we're very proud to say our products are "Made in Canada"

Spinny-Doo Spinning Tops Make Perfect Gifts for Men. Gifts for Him

Buy a Spinny-Doo Precision Spinning Top Online Today and give the gift of spinny-doo precision spinning tops to a friend, loved one, colleague, or give them out as prizes or tokens of appreciation from an employer to an employee. They also can be marked with a corporate logo or slogan and given out as a marketing tool or marketing gift. Spinny-Doo precision spinning tops are high-quality, elegant products that make gift-giving so easy.

Spinny-Doo Spinning Tops are Great Christmas Gifts Ideas

Christmas is just around the corner! Buy a Spinny-Doo Precision Spinning Top Online Today as a Christmas Gift (even a belated Christmas Gift)

On The Fence About Engraving

I've been thinking about engraving, laser marking, and pad printing for such a long time now, I've waffled on the idea. I originally mocked up a snazzy graphic of a Spinny-Doo with the curly SD logo and other essential text, then pursued numerous methods for imprinting, all to no avail. I apologized profusely to customers after failing to get YAG lasers operating (bought bad equipment), then again for failing to get PAD printing going (couldn't get the vendor to engage), and long contemplated the notion of engraving - rotating spindle engraving, and drag-scribe engraving - but then the lathe project, among other things, took precedence.

So why has it taken so long to get logos on Spinny-Doo? Well, the clean pristine surface of a Spinny-Doo, I think, is better than logos whirling by. Why mark it up with graphics and text when it looks so beautiful just standing there, rotating, and slightly shimmering? Graphics would destroy the illusion of the top standing perfectly motionless while turning. So marking the upper surfaces, at least, are out. Perhaps I might mark the bottom only if I can keep it faint and neat.

Having a bit of free time on my hands now that the lathe project is out of the way, I thought I'd take a stab at finally, FINALLY putting a logo to the Spinny-Doo.

Cobbling together a bit of vector graphics, I work out the kinks between what my SVG program produces and what the CAM program expects - translation issues between the required a bit of cleanup after importing into CAD

 Engraving Text Vectors

 3D Model

Text and Graphics In SVG 3D Model From Vector


Next, turn the vector output into CAM (machine tool paths)

 Engraving Tool Path

GCode applied to milling machine

Generate Toolpath and GCode Then machine away!


Experiment Result

First Attempt - Final Result

Unfortunately, I don't have the proper spindle speed (max 4000 rpm. Should be 30,000 to 50,000 rpm), nor do I have the proper tool bit which happened to be whatever I found in the end-mill bucket that was fine enough, would clear the crown, and reach down to the plateau. This bit had a sharp point and two flutes, but was nearly .015 across at the finest point making more of a bull-dozer than a fine-tipped surgical instrument. Still, it was fun to see how much I could get done in just a couple of hours. I excitedly offered to engrave stuff for my kids as I showed them the results. They said, "naw."

The astute observer will notice two things - there is an 'n' missing in the far-side  "Made in Canada", and the rim engraving needs to be scaled 1.012 x larger so the dots in the 'i''s don't fall off the inner edge. Third and probably not obvious is that I the depth of cut is slightly deeper on one side due to the shoddy ad-hoc spacer I had under the body.


Both Good and Bad Results

What you see above through a x10 loupe is the result of aluminum being pushed around by the big fat tip of the tool instead of being carved away. This is normal and again, expected, for what I cobbled together from scrap tooling.

The proper method will be to obtain a spring-loaded diamond-tipped drag engraver and fine-tune the results by playing with font, line thickness, spring pressure, etc.

Time to shop for a suitable drag engraver that will clear that crown.


Until next time, keep spinning.



P.S. I don't know if this blog will become a regular item, but I decided to stop blogging over at walker-tech and move the blogging here. After all, Spinny-Doo is the driving force for my being in the shop.

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