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Introducing the Spinny-Doo Precision Spinning Top

You'll love the quality, weight, and feel of a Spinny-Doo Spinning Top

Spinny-Doo makes the Perfect Gift

Even someone who has everything doesn't have a Spinny-Doo

Challenging to Spin

The World Record throw for a Spinny-Doo is 9m 55s.

Show off your Spinny-Doo

Spinny-Doo comes to a stop standing upright (with catchy tune)

Spinny-Doo® - World-Famous Precision Spinning Tops

Spinny-Doo® is a high-quality, precision rendition of quite possibly the oldest toy in the world - the spinning top. Spinny-Doo® is fascinating to watch, challenging to spin, and ever the conversation piece. Fidget with it while you're on the phone, thinking, or relaxing. Demonstrate the principles of inertia, gyroscopic effect, and precession to your children or students. Show it to your family, friends, colleagues at work too, but be careful - they may not want to give Spinny-Doo® back again!

High-quality, All-Metal Construction

Spinny-Doo in a Variety of Brilliant Colors

Spinny-Doo® in Brilliant Colors

We Ship Worldwide

Fun and Wonder at Your Fingertips

Proudly Made in Canada