Spinny-Doo on the Internet

Spinny-Doo Replicas!

It finally happened. There is a copy-cat attempting to duplicate our Spinny-Doo design and selling them on eBay. As it happens, it is being done by a guy we approached about a year ago to anodize our products. The funny part is, we suspected he might take our design and didn't trust him. We were right! If you encounter his copies, just know they're not the original Spinny-Doo which is manufactured exclusively by us and only sold here on Spinny-Doo.com (or on our eBay listing #141617120444.)

Want a discount on your next Spinny-Doo Purchase?

We need your help promoting Spinny-Doo across the Internet using backlinks to our website. The most effective backlink is a post to a lively, relevant forum or social site using a few pictures or video and a blurb describing just how much you like your Spinny-Doo. Be sure to abide by applicable forum rules - don't spamvertise - and use genuine comments of admiration. If your posting remains in good standing, we will give you a 10% discount on your next purchase. Please email us to let us know where you posted so we can verify the listing.

We will also offer you that discount if you post a video that beats any of the records listed on our website. Our best time is just over seven minutes, and customers have proven times as high as eight minutes. Others have claimed times as high as 9 and 10 minutes but have not provided video evidence (sorry!)

Spinning top comes to a complete stop standing upright!

Mr. Sazonov Alexander earned himself a free Spinny-Doo for this wonderful piece of work - not only did he capture the Spinny-Doo coming to a complete stop without falling over, but he annotated the video, sped up the long duration with some time-lapse camera work, and added very rather catchy background music to keep you watching along. Bravo, Mr. Alexander.

Spinny-Doo Comes to a Complete Stop Standing Up!

This video is from Mike Arst who managed to make the Spinny-Doo precision spinning top come to a dead stop without falling down. Just like in the Twilight Zone when a man throws a quarter onto a beggar's plate causing it to reset on edge, then all day long is imbued with the power to hear everyone's thoughts until later he knocks it over again and loses them. I wonder if Mike noticed anything strange that day after taking this video:

Patrick Batemare's Spinning Top Collection

Mr. Batemare demonstrates a few of his favourite spinning tops while providing a little entertaining singing and commentary. Spinny-Doo shows up at time index 2:33.