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Some of our customers have said:

  "I love the top. I got over 6 min. on my first spin. A ball bearing instead of a sharp point is a great idea. Overall I think it is a beautifully designed, machined and polished top. I would not change a thing. - Mark"

  "... it's a fantastic top! Has a nice ring to it when I tried spinning it and it struck the table or another metallic object! ... Very impressive... love it! Will be in touch!" - Edmund

  "Hi: Tops came today. All I can say is WOW! As a kid I was excited if I could get a top going for 30 seconds. These are incredible. I'll be ordering more as gifts. Wow! - Eric"

  "Recommended for anyone who wants a high quality precision top that won't make you seem like a fanboy of that spinning top movie. Looks like it is carved out of a solid piece of billet aluminum. Looks as amazing as it performs."

  "I'm a new collector and enthusiast of tops. This is a robust and stable top. It has become one of my favorites. -Rick"

  "I just got the Spinny-Doo. I don't usually write fan letters but I had to tell you how unbelievably AWESOME this top is. I barely spun the thing and it whirled around the counter for over six minutes. Even bad spins turn into good ones. I'm not sure how you did it, but it's amazing. My kids are are having 'who can spin it longer' contests. Well done! - Mark"

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