Spinny-Doo - America's Favourite Precision Spinning Top

Please Note: "Royal Blue" is unavailable, but we do have a "TEAL Blue" as a substitute.
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Spinny-Doo™ is a high-quality, precision rendition of quite possibly the oldest toy in the world - the spinning top. Spinny-Doo™ is fascinating to watch, challenging to spin, and ever the conversation piece. Spin it while you're on the phone, thinking, or relaxing. Demonstrate the principles of inertia, gyroscopic effect, and precession to your children or students. Show it to your family, friends, colleagues at work too, but be careful - they may not want to give Spinny-Doo™ back again!

High-quality, Precision Engineered

Spinny-Doo™ Precision Spinning Tops are crafted from 6061-T6511 aircraft-grade aluminum, precision machined, precisely balanced, furnished with an ergonomic grip with excellent traction, and tipped with hardened chrome steel that provides a low-friction, high-performance spin lasting over seven minutes†. You will be fascinated by the the weight, the feel, and the performance of Spinny-Doo™. Spinny-Doo™ is available today in a variety of colors in clear acetate store shelf packaging (see the first slide of the carousel above.)

Seven minutes, fifty-six seconds to be precise, as reported by one of our customers. We suspect you can spin it for even longer.

Precision Spinning Top - top in action

Precision Spinning Top - front view 1

Precision Spinning Top - bottom view

Precision Spinning Top - top view 1

Precision Spinning Top - front view 2

Precision Spinning Top - view 2 of Crown

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Precision Spinning Top - Available Colors

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Precision Spinning Top - Matte Finish

Spinny-Doo SD20, 6061-T6511 Aluminum

Matte Finish


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Precision Spinning Top - Crimson Red

Spinny-Doo SD20, 6061-T6511 Aluminum

Crimson Red


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Precision Spinning Top - Royal Blue

Spinny-Doo SD20, 6061-T6511 Aluminum

Royal Blue



Precision Spinning Top - TEAL Blue

Spinny-Doo SD20, 6061-T6511 Aluminum



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Precision Spinning Top - Midnight Black

Spinny-Doo SD20, 6061-T6511 Aluminum

Midnight Black


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Precision Spinning Top - Champagne Gold

Spinny-Doo SD20, 6061-T6511 Aluminum

Champagne Gold


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Proudly made in Canada 

Spinny-Doo™ Precision Spinning Tops are made entirely and exclusively in Canada, keeping jobs and trade in North America.