Welcome to WALKER TECH

Walker Tech is a small, low-overhead conventional and CNC machine shop focused on producing quality, precision products. We work closely with our customers to continuously automate and streamline production resulting in higher precision, repeatability, and yield. If you have a product that you are ready to produce in quantities of 100 or more, send us a PDF for quotation.

Walker Tech offers the following services:

  • CNC Machining - 3-axis vertical milling, and small-envelope 3+2 machining
  • CNC Turning - 2-axis turning with 3-axis (C-axis) and live milling/tapping
  • Conventional Machining - Milling, Turning, Drilling, Grinding, Sawing
  • CAD, CAM, and Drawing generation for machining purposes

See our examples page for examples of some of the work we do.

If you came here looking for Spinny-Doo, then you made it to the right place. We produce the Spinny-Doo Spinning-Top product and still hold the trademark, but have stopped direct-to-consumer sales for now to focus on bespoke machine work for domestic companies. Should we bring back Spinny-Doo, we will let you know right here.

Please contact us for further details.